Skin Cancer Playbooks

What is FECO?

Short for “Full Extract Cannabis Oil,” FECO is a concentrated whole-plant extract that includes all of the essential and active ingredients of the cannabis plant. Full extract cannabis oil may also be referred to as FSO (full spectrum oil), and RSO (“Rick Simpson” oil) all of which are equivalent. 

FECO, first used all the way back in the 1800s, has a dark, thick consistency. It can be applied topically or ingested, typically orally. 


Skin Cancer Use Guide 

Topical application is the most common and successful method of use. While it may seem sticky or messy at first, with a bit of practice application is quite easy. FECO is normally applied directly onto skin cancers daily for up to 6 weeks, however many surveyed have reported 3-4 weeks was sufficient. An easy and neat way to apply FECO is to place a small (rice-grain sized) amount on a band-aid and then apply the band-aid to cover the skin cancer area. This also helps protect the area being treated 

What to Expect

  1. When first starting treatment:
    • Most people using FECO to treat skin cancer notice a lesion that looks abnormal, perhaps looking like a pimple that will not go away easily. This is where you will place the FECO, whether directly or using a band-aid as suggested above.
  2. During your treatment period:
    • After 2-3 daily applications of FECO directly on the skin cancer you are likely to begin to noticing the skin surrounding it becoming red. This is normal: it means the FECO is pulling cancer from the skin. After a few more applications you are likely to notice a scab starting to form. As it heals following this you are likely to notice reduction of the initial growth. Importantly, resist the urge to scratch or disturb the area you are treating: always wash your hands before and after application, and keep the surrounding skin clean.
  3. After treatment:
    • You should see the growth disappear with minimal to no scarring in 30-45 days. And again, don’t scratch or disturb the scab: letting FECO and your body work naturally together will minimize your risk of scarring. 


  1. Always wash your hands before and after application of FECO.
  2. Be patient: daily application, 30-45 days, is the recommended treatment.  
  3. Don’t scratch the area being treated or disturb the scab: leave it be. 
  4. Above all, wear sun protection. It’s your best defense.


  1. FECO can result in mild intoxication and/or drowsiness:
    • Do not drive or operate machinery.
    • Do not engage in mentally or physically challenging or dangerous activities,
    • Go slow. The immediate effects of ingestion can be delayed, so it’s best to start with a small amount and then increase as needed.
    • If you are prone to anxiety, be sure to discuss this with your doctor at the time of prescription: your doctor will help you set an appropriate starting dose.
  2. Be legal. Cannabis is regulated differently in different states, ranging from absolutely illegal to legal for recreational and/or medical use by persons over a prescribed age. Be sure you understand the laws in your state or locale, and do respect them.