How to Use Weedmaps

What is Weedmaps?

Need help navigating the cannabis universe? Weedmaps is your convenient and complete guide to cannabis – your one-stop shop for cannabis information and the latest industry news & laws. And remember, cannabis is a regulated product, so always observe local laws and regulations.

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How to Find FECO using Weedmaps

Step 1: Open Weedmaps

Step 2: Search “RSO” in Products. In the Address area, click “Current Location” or put in your zip code

Step 3: Scroll down to Retailers. Distance from your location is shown in the circled areas. It is best to first start looking at the nearest dispensaries

Step 4: Click on the dispensary closest to you

Step 5: Search RSO in the Search tab

Step 6: Scroll down to see all the products. In this case, the first 3 (as shown above) are gummy products that are not appropriate. The second 3 results are FECO-type products. In this case, the brand is 1937, and 3 different strains are available. The concentrations of THC range from 63.59% to 70.08%. These all meet the minimum FECO Standard of 55% THC

Note: If a dispensary does not have any FECO products meeting the Standard, use the Back button to return to the previous page and click a different dispensary

Step 7: To learn more about any product, you can click onto the product page. The descriptions of each product are shown below, in order of their listing:

Step 8: Decide on the product. In this case, it is easy to dismiss Candy Glue because it is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which is best to avoid due to potential to cause anxiety. Runtz is a more balanced sativa/indica hybrid, but does not have much information on effects. Marshmallow OG is also a balanced sativa/indica hybrid, has the highest THC content, and includes a description of effects – relaxation, hunger, and happiness. The high THC content, hybrid nature, and beneficial effects make the Marshmallow OG product a reasonable choice

Step 9: Before visiting the dispensary, it is best to call them first to make sure they have the product you want in stock. Phone numbers and address information are at the top of the dispensary page.

Step 10: Depending on where you live, you may be able to order the product for delivery. Otherwise, you can drive to the dispensary and pick it up.

Step 11: Return to to review how to use your new FECO product.