Remove Toxins

Eliminating as many toxins from the body as possible will enable your body to better fight cancer overall. Toxins can come from many sources, including household cleaners, skincare products, pollutants in the air, pesticides in food, and internally-produced toxins from stress. During your battle with cancer, it is particularly essential to avoid needless stresses. Avoiding toxic people, work environments, and stressful situations in general is optimal.

Below are several quick tips for reducing toxins:

  • Purchase organic household cleaners that use ingredients like essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals
  • Use organic shampoos and body washes with plant-based, minimally-processed ingredients at the top of the ingredient list
  • Eat organic foods, or at least avoid conventionally-grown foods that are part of the Dirty Dozen
  • Consider getting an air purifier to clean the air in your home
  • Practice meditation and deep breathing. A systematic review found that diaphragmatic breathing, which is a component of meditation, may decrease stress, including influencing stress-related compounds in your body
  • Certain advanced breathing techniques, like the Activation Breathwork taught by our partner Ocean Eagle, may be particularly detoxifying



How was it grown does it benefit my health or does it make me sick. What you put in your body will affect how you feel and how it affects your ailment directly as it relates to your immune system.

Family and Friends

Do they cause stress, or do they create a toxic environment? Do they keep you from moving forward and support your health and stress level?


Different jobs bring different toxins like stress factors, fellow workers, poor working conditions, air quality, and environment.


Medical issues that come down through family GENES


Where you allow yourself to be surrounded will affect your stress levels. Being aware of where you are and how it affects you is something to be accountable for as it directly impacts your body.


Drinking heavily reduces your body’s natural immune system. A weakened immune system has a harder time protecting you from germs and viruses and other sicknesses.

Stress In General

Stress can weaken your immune system and bring high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Your immune system defends against infections and diseases such as cancer. A weakened immune system plays a role in the development of certain types of cancer. Stress can alter certain hormones in the body putting you at greater risk for cancer. Stress triggers unhealthy behaviors and can increase cancer risk.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Your experience with using FECO and following the Play By plays will give others hope. You have to take responsibility for your life by sharing what you’ve learned, so that they can be more confident in taking action themselves!