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What Are Patient-Reported Outcomes?

A Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) is a report of the status of a patient’s health condition or health behavior that comes directly from the patient, without interpretation of the patient’s response by a clinician or anyone else.

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Human Patient-Reported Outcomes

If you have a SURVIVOR STORY of your experience using plant based medicine, share it and pay it forward for as it can help save a life.

Do your remember your first month after being diagnosed with cancer, before you found any HOPE, before you found the tools to help you win your battle? There are THOUSANDS of people experiencing those fears in this exact moment, we challenge you to help us change that!

Cancer Dogs Patient-Reported Outcomes

Has your dog battled Cancer? What did you do to save your pet? Click below to be redirected to our Cancer Dog Journey Story Questionnaire.
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“Patient-reported outcomes are one of the best to use the FECO Playbook; I was able to quickly refine my FECO regimen so that it works really well.
* Dave Evans, diagnosed with lymphona

Testimonial From Cancer Patient using FECO

Name: Dave Evans
Age: 66
Gender MaleFemale : Male
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Cancer Type: Lymphoma
Official Diagnosis: Double-hit Large Diffuse B-cell Lymphoma

Patient’s condition before cannabis use:
I was living a normal, active life. I have always exercised regularly and gotten annual physical checks. There was zero indication of any issue until my kidneys fully shut down as a result of lymphoma-related blood protein.

Medication being taken before cannabis use:
Throughout my life, other than a multivitamin no medications; Since my lymphoma diagnosis, my chemo regimen is R-EPOCH plus standard antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. This continued until I achieved complete remission: I am now following a maintenance FECO plan.

Patient’s condition after using cannabis:
I followed a dose-adjusted R-EPOCH regimen, and then added medically prescribed cannabis (FECO) to further boost efficacy as well as to aid with sleep and appetite. As a result, I was able to eat, sleep, and maintain weight, ultimately achieving full remission.

Cannabis medicine details:
Dosing the medicine: ½ rice grain, sub-lingual.

How has cannabis changed your life?
Adding FECO to my regimen has improved my attitude, my appetite, and my sleep, all of which contribute positively to my ability to fight this disease.

My Story
 I was auto racing one weekend with my son running between pit lane and the shop when I noticed that I was unexpectedly unable to urinate. I saw a doctor the next day, and it was quickly recognized that I was in immediate danger–Stage 4 Acute Renal Failure–and that there was a non-obvious underlying cause. With the benefit of a scan and biopsy, it was confirmed that I have “Double-hit” lymphoma: Double-hit Large Diffuse B-cell Lymphoma. I completed treatment at Mayo in Jacksonville. 

My treatment included six rounds of dose-adjusted R-EPOCH chemo and 3 additional rounds (sequential) of Methotrexate, all of which was administered over the course of about one year. Since remission, I have been lymphoma-free for just over a year with no further sign of myeloma activity.