Plant-Based Medicine

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Full Extract Cannabis Oil, or FECO, is a highly-concentrated
form of cannabis where the whole plant is extracted and used. This full process offers a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum representation of the full cannabinoid and terpene profile found in that cannabis strain or cultivar.

Watch the Video “Coconut Oil Extraction”.

How is FECO made?

Extracting the oil from the plant is relatively a simple
process. Raw cannabis flower is placed in a solvent, allowing the trichome heads in the liquid to separate from the plant
material. The solvent is then purged or evaporated in a
desiccator, vacuum pump, or vacuum oven creating
a pure resin extract. This oil extract can then be consumed in
different ways according to needs and tastes: one of the best ways is under the tongue which allows it to reach the bloodstream quickly.

Where do I find FECO?

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Patient Reported Outcomes

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