Frequency for Dogs

Frequency and Bioresonance

Frequency, or bioresonance, tools are electronic devices that deliver specific frequencies to the body. In the context of cancer, the goal is to use frequencies that target specific cancer cells and cause them to explode. Through a process known as resonance, the frequency delivered by the machine combines with the frequency of the cancer cell, increasing total energy and leading to cell death.

The video below explains frequency further:

Three Effective Tools for Non-invasive Diagnosis and Energetic Therapy

If you’re looking for an efficient method of diagnosis and treatment that doesn’t require invasive procedures, these tools may be just what you need:

  • Biorez Anima Health Analyzer (NLS): This tool offers quick and non-invasive diagnosis and energetic therapy.
  • Enso Sweeper: This frequency device includes an induction pad that is perfect for both humans and dogs. It’s equipped with advanced functions such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and software that allows you to program any desired frequency.
  • iteraCare TeraHertz Wand: This frequency tool is especially easy to use and doesn’t require direct contact with the body, making it ideal for dogs who may not want to be attached to something for long periods.
  • Premium-Set Evo: A fully equipped frequency device – “Like a Swiss army knife for better health, the Premium-Set Evo has everything you need to get the most out of your BEMER therapy sessions.”